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“Linux for Children” Workshop


    All participants for this workshop are elementary students in the sixth grade.

    For the workshop, We used Edubuntu Linux distribution as the operating system.
    Before starting the workshop, I asked them about what they already known about a computer.
    Then, I explained about what is operating system. A bit difficult for me to explain what does an OS mean…I tried to give an example of a human that a human will be a dead body if there is no soul,,,so as the computer, it will not work if there is no operating system installed.

    and I explained a bit about Linux and the Edubuntu. I gave another example,…. for example, all people has its own name because they are unique each other, in the same case,,each Linux distribution has its own name,..Why it is named Edubuntu,,,because it is specific for EDUcation purposes and it is a remastered product of UBUNTU…

    Edubuntu features which are introduced to them are:

Office Suites

  • Ooo writer -> I asked them to type a bit about their profile

Web Browser

  • firefox -> browsing something

Sound and Video

  • Froggy dance -> try to play a video of froggy dance


  • GCompris Educational Suite -> many things they can do using this application. I focused on this application because it provides a complete features for them to study.


  • Kbruch (Application->Education)


  • Gimp


  • Education – khangman

Basic Skills – Games

  • tetravex

That’s all we had done πŸ™‚
We had soo much fun πŸ™‚



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