ToT FOSS Toolkit for SMEs – Day 3


Customers want benefit revenue.

Client Segment: define to who u r selling your product to.

Distribution Channel: if your product is Ubuntu distribution, then your distribution channel will be all Ubuntu community.

Cost Structure: Tools u may have to develop the software

Software development company

15 years for proprietary based software


Partner Network:

  • MySql,

  • Gambas,


  • Ubuntu,

  • Apache,

  • IOSN

Keuyy Resources:

  • 10% programmers and consultants who work for the open source software

Key Activities:

  • Marketing,

  • Explaining what open sources is

  • Assigning 10% of employees in open source software

  • Customizing and creating open source software

  • General accounting system,




Client Relationships

  • The existing customers who use proprietary

  • Explaining new customers about the licensing

Client Segments:

  • SME 90%

  • LSE 10%

Distribution Channels:

  • others who do the marketing activities

  • the one who does the implementation

  • post sale distribution


Cost Structure:

  • pay per man hour costs

  • no need pay for license

  • pay HR

Revenue Flows:

  • 50% software

  • 25% services (support)

  • 25% data (documentation)

Good Client Segment: be specific in segmenting your clients. For Example:

  • small medium sized co-ops

  • no IT or very limited IT usage/staff

  • available budget

  • saving or lending budget for IT


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