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The Next Web Generation

The Next Web Generation is all web application which combine not only collaboration among several applications, but also interactivity among several applications, and of course in web 2.0 platform. The goal of Next Web Generation is to give “user experience” to all web visitors.

Nowadays, in web 2.0, there is a famous word which is ‘mashup’. It is a web application which combine several application into an application which has a great ‘user experience’, gampanya mah, ‘mashup’ itu gado-gado dari API (Application Program Interface).

For example of ’ mashup’, a web page which contains several widgets for weather forecast link, dollar currency links, FS links, email links, etc…

The role of ISV in generating the next web generation is creating application whish is more user friendly, more multimedia, more video, and distribute it economically in order to prevent piracy.

If U want 2 have the greatest ever ‘user experience’, just type ‘MIX’ or ‘Microsoft MIX’ in Google and follow the link. MIX stands for Microsoft Internet Experience


There are 12 features out of many ajax features which I will describe shortly:

1.       Validator Call Out

This feature let U validate a form component (either it is checkbox, textbox, etc) not using post back. Everything done in the client.

For example, when you want to validate a textbox where user can’t enter with numbers,. If user type numbers on that textbox, nothing will appear., it will show only characters.

Another example, when you want to validate that user must fill in that textbox, when user click or put his/her mouse on that textbox, a call out will appear to remind user that the textbox is empty. That callout will disappear when user type something.

2.       Collapsable Palen Extender


Commonly, all web pages have header to make them look more interesting. But, some users may feel uncomfortable with it bcoz it makes the space for website’s body smaller. Using AJAX script, user can collapse the header or other part of the webpage.


3.       Paging using Slider


Feature for paging using slider, not using the ancient way with adding a hyperlink “Next page”

Script: data pager, list view, LINQ data control


4.       Profile Service

Client server dengan profile services


5.       Textbox Watermark

This textbox appear as this is not a textbox, but when user click it, it will become an editable textbox


6.       Dropdown menu

This feature can be combined with textbox watermark, so when user click it, the dropdown will appear


7.       Pop Up Control

Useful in a search feature of a webpage, to choose whether the search will use “and” or “or” query


8.       Modal Dialog


9.       Slider


10.   Tabs


11.   Interactive Calendar


12.   Numeric Updown



1.       Upload multiple files/photos

Using this feature, u can upload multiple file in a time

2.       Interactive Chart

To show the customer statistic or other statistic purpose. There are silverlight chart to be used freely, while we need to pay 4 others type of more interactive chart


3.       Slideshow

ASP.NET 3.5 and IIS 7

NO CROSS REFERER ACCESS. In ASP.NET 3.5, we can prevent unauthorized people to access our directory directly by typing the address in the URL bar.


Class MyModule:IHTTPModule{

                #region IHTTP HandlerMembers……………………………………….

Context.preRequestHandlerExact +=………

New EventHandler(…..


Void context.PreRequestHandlerExe( void Sender,…)

!String.IsNull or Empty(Error 403,”no accesss”) 

Another feature is ASP.NET MVC (Modul View Controller) Web Application, endpoint is not a URL anymore, but a  class

Not  http://localhost/index.aspx

But become http://localhost/index


And to show all data in a database, we can use Data Context”

Northwind DataContext dc = dataContext

New NorthwindDataContext………………….

 Windows Based Hosting with WSS 2008

Comparison WSS 03 and WSS 08

WSS03: can be configured using VB script and WMI (Windows Management Infrastructure)

WSS08: can be configured using WMI, APPCMD, .NET, Powershell

WSS 08 features:

-server purposing

-centralized management

-service positioning

-monitoring and reporting

-deploy server automatically



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